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Two Are Gathered Leadership Podcast

Nov 16, 2020

As leaders...we are not in control. It's sad. It can be difficult to deal with this truth. leaders we are not in control.

This is one of the areas where leaders fall prey to delusion more than just about anything else. We want to be in control. We want absolute control...because we're control freaks.

But, we're not in control. And this creates great frustration and disappointment.

We can influence the circumstances around us. We can plan well, to minimize disruption. We can train expertly to lower risks. We can have a vision that is far reaching.

But, we are not ultimately in control of our circumstances. 

However, what we are in control of is how we react to these circumstances. That's all in our power.

Join Michael and Jim as they detail out the critically important managed reactions of a skilled leader.